My last bill was received on November 15,2012. That is two moths of no bill received.

My electricity is off now due to late payment. I spoke with my mail lady and she informed me that all of January 2013 bills from Ambit Energy was put in the mail box yesterday. I opened my mail box infront of her and there was no bill. I have tried calling numerous times (4 or 5) in the last few weeks trying to figure out why my bill never got mailed and have been on hold for 1 and a half hours each time.

Each time i hung up because my phone was dead from being on hold. I called my consultant Kevin Cochran and he said word for word "well what do you want me to do about it?" and hung up and ignored my next 2 phone calls. I have called 7 times today alone eith a totalling of 3 hours on hold with no success.

I am LIVID and recommend no ine even thinks to try Ambit Energy. This is nonsence and ridiculous.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ambit Energy Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Ambit Energy does not send you the bill. Your incumbent does.

So this is complete BS. You don't even write out the check to Ambit.

to Ambit ***sultant #1628741

Actually this information is incorrect. Ambit is the Rep of record and is absolutely the billing company. Ambit had alot of growing pains and has gotten much better....

Freeport, New York, United States #594491

All I wanted todo was renew my service. Because of the customer service I have now cancelled my service at renewal, Feb 3, 2013. Very frustrating dealing with the person and waiting over half hour to speak to someone.

to dotzy Burlington, Vermont, United States #608214

I agree... regardless of good or GREAT product pricing....

Customer service sets the standards of a good company. Bad customer service will make anyone go else where.... I would and have left any company no matter how good the product or product pricing is because of BAD customer service. Regardless of the misunderstanding or whos "fault" it is....

Customer service rep should be courteous always and no one should be put on hold for that long with out being given another option like a "call back".....

Get your customer service in order and then you can call it a great company.

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