A friend of mine got me involved as a residential customer for Ambit. I knew we were in a contract for 12 months, but he said once that was over it just goes month to month.

Well it sure does!

They send you a letter, asking you to get your password and go online and pick a new contract! And the rates are DOUBLE what I was paying before. The month to month is a total rip off, my local gas company does better.

I suspect Ambit is banking on:

1. People losing their letter and forgetting to renew online

2. People not paying attention to their local gas rates and just picking a plan from Ambit

3. Doing nothing at all and having yourself month to month at a rate that is higher than your local service.

I'm suspecting had I not caught this, I would have overpaid about $400-$500 next 12 months. Just called and got them to cancel and they were cool about it.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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Lazy people will pay more as always


That's correct, you have to renew your contract to secure your new rate. It's written in the terms and conditions and the company actually sends out a letter that describes this in detail.

All energy rates increased this year due to the excessive weather we experienced last winter. Ambit Energy is still lower. Shame on you for not keeping track. I mean really, they not only give you a reward points, vacation for signing up, a free website, and the opportunity to get your energy for FREE!

Now you have the nerve to blame them for your inability to read your mail or check your free website.

What do you think the real problem is?

to doingitrite Boston, Massachusetts, United States #996986

Actually the guy is not blaming them for anything, just giving the facts. He even said he cancelled with no issues. Not sure why you are reprimanding him?

Phillipsburg, New Jersey, United States #838564

DISGUSTING THIEVES!!! Do NOT sign on with this company.

It is a total scam. My bill went up $60 a month after the first year. They are unregulated and can raise your bill as high as they like, or as high as they think they can get away with before people notice! The first year is a teaser rate, and saves a few dollars per month.

I saved about $24 over the course of the first year. In the FIRST month of the new year, they charged me an extra $60, so my gains were lost, and I am out another $48. It will take up to 2 billing cycles for the cancellation I ordered to take place, which means I will lose another $120 over what JCP&L would charge me. The Board of Public Utilities advises that people RUN from these 3rd party energy suppliers, that they all can do this once the original contract runs out.

THEY ARE SCAMMING Pyramids. Please, do not throw away your hard earned money they way I am being forced to do. AMBIT ENERGY should be put out of business.

It won't be until everyone they have scammed does something about it. I am trying to spread the word wherever and however I am able.

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