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i have been in ambit energy for 3 years . never had a problem .

i away on track with my kwh per hrs . i earn some free energy on my supply charge .which *** light companies give you a check every month for your light and gas it a no brainier . i realize when me as a customer that i actually became a consultant, why because the things im doing telling people about this free energy and see the proof on the bill . i realize that me doing this i get paid a other check in residual every month like come on with all this bull craps on these statement.YOU guyS sound so *** for real and you guy don't make sense as well.

now im getting a free energy check for my light bill LIKE FOR REAL WTF . and im also getting a residual income check for my self every single month LIKE FOR REAL WTF by helping other people get free energy . like for real you guy are *** . i alway shoppe around for better deal never found a better deal even they granteeD just 1 percent on my light bill in ny guess what is still saving .

better then these other energy companies which they cant even tell me what their rate . so please if you not smart you wont understand how to be on top of your *** .

if your smart you will know your product your benefit and term and all that if you really wanted to save money on your bill . YOU GUYS HAVE TO STOP POINTING FINGER AND POINT FINGER TO YOURSELF AND ASK YOURSELF WHAT DID YOU DO WRONG,.

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I do not want to be rude, but your grammar is completely wrong.

Your post states that you have been working under the company for three years.

Did you do your homework (research) about this company?

I want you to understand that it's not what they did not do right, but the fact that the company and agents not explaining to customers what they are getting themselves into.

Unfortunately, this company is what we call "Pyramid Scheme"

to Basher #1419952

I myself am kind of confused about people who come to a website called pissed consumer to 'praise' a company (yes w horrible grammar) and take insulting shots at the other people who are discussing real problems. Either a certain 'somebody' doesn't have anything better to do (even on the internet) and should be out recruiting other people for thier pyramid scheme ...or they are just paid to be nasty internet trolls....

And the latter is probably the better gig....

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