I am a new ambit energy customer and hadn't had a problem with them until last month.I recently had a baby in Oct.2011, so I had to quit my job, and a month later my boyfriend changed his job also.

We were managing fine, until Dec. came around. With the holidays here and everything else, we were on a budget. I called an agency they told me about, that helps low income families pay their electrical bills.

One week before my Dec. bill was due I was approved and the agency sends ambit a pledge for $72.05, I called Ambit two days before the bill was due to let them know about the pledge and that the payment might be late, they said it was ok. Then when I received my Jan. bill I noticed that I owed $171.33 for Dec.

and Jan. but before I could call the agency or even make a payment my services were interrupted, without a disconnection notice. We went to the agency right away and they told me that the pledge had been sent, but did not know why it hadn't been posted. They called Ambit and refax the pledge, and then asked me to make a $66.00 payment to ambit, for my service to get reconnected.

I called Ambit after I made the payment and was told that it would take 24hrs for the pledge to show on their system so that they couldn't send a reconnect order until then. The next day I get a lease violation at the apartments where I live, for having my electricity disconnected. A week after that incident I received a disconnect ion notice telling me that I had to make a $99.28 payment or I would get disconnected. I made the payment right away, and then I received my Feb.

bill days later for $342.24. I called ambit and they told me the bill hadn't been updated yet, but that I still have to pay $170.42, and they could not waive the disconnect and reconnect charges. I asked them that if I change companies would I get my $200.00 deposit back, and they said no, not if you break the contract.

I honestly think this company is a rip-off; they don't acknowledge their mistakes and blame their customers.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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Complete scam.All positive reviews are written by "consultants" who were foolish enough to get pulled into this obvious pyramid scheme and need to bilk 15 of their friends and family members.

Hidden fees, disconnect threats, thuggish tactics.Do not sign up!


They suck...my husband was in the hospital and it was a matter of life or death..and due to his expensive medications we got behind on some bills..I asked for an extension of 13 days for the reminder of the bill which was 117.00 and they said I would have to pay half of that today and the other half on the 15th and a service charge of 30.00 and 90.00 on the 19th and other 20.00 to not disconnect.For the company that promises alot they sure do charge alot just for an extension.

As soon as my contract is up I am going back to TXU.To all of you that stated they are great..sure they are at the beginning..but my bill has double and triple in the last four months..I am paying what I could have been paying with TXU..I am beginning to believe that they are ripping people off.That Refer thing did not work..And to all those people that have comment that someone should not have a baby and pay our bills..I hope none of you ever find yourselves in a desperate situation..We are just trying to survived.But none of you that made those ugly comments would know that.


I just read another complaint like this.Ironic that in both ststea where these people live and say they are Ambit customers....ambit isn't even in their state.

Go to the website and look for yourselves.These people aren't telling the truth...so are the competitors or just people with nothing better to do?


Happy to be an Ambit customer, and earning the free gas and electric credit in new york state.I am saving over $145.00 every month on both of my energy bills and it did not cost me any money.

I did refer fifteen people and now my friend is two away from gettings the free energy for her self.This is real and is the best deal around.Best rates and good service, great company


Don't get pissed at Ambit Energy if you quit your job and don't pay your bills.if you paid your bills on time you would have no problems.

Ambit is the best company going and offer the best rates , and also offer you the choice of earning free energy and at no cost to you.

Refer fifteen people to Anbit and you get a credit on the supply side of your bill free of the fifteen total every month for life .I know this as i am getting a monthly free credit for life and it did not cost me any money


this is the best company around. I get a lower monthly fee and earn rewards points for using the service. and my brother has the free energy that they offer and i am only three cusmtomers away from getting free energy for life.I wish you people would gets your facts right and stop the lies.Happy with Ambit Energy in New York


I am tired of all the lies about Ambit Energy, they are a great company and have good service.I did use the free weekend rewards and had no problems .

they also do not charge any switch back fees.Please pay your bills and stop the lies about a good company.I also earn rewards points for the energy i use, does your new company give you that


Sounds to me like you shouldn't have a baby, quit your job, boyfriend quit job if you can't afford to pay your bills

to T.D. Rochester, New York, United States #840748

T.D., you are a horrible, nasty piece of work. Karma is a ***, my friend.


Way to many Consultants without the facts posting in here too.We have contracts in Texas only since the billing is seperate from the Utility.

First i'm sorry to hear about your scenario but i'm confused on way this agency was'nt making the payments on time in your behalf. If they were you would have never recieved a shutoff notice and a bill stating 60days of service unpaid. You also have to consider the late payment fees in your payment missed Ambit charges the same exact late fee% as the delivery comp.which i beleive is 1.5% of the bill due. Also if you are on budget billing the amount due will increase or decrease depending on your actual usage periodically through the year.

If all outstanding payments were made you would have never been disconnected and if you had the receipts there would be no charges for reconnect fees.Something does'nt add up.

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