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I had my debit card stolen last month and it was cancelled. Today Ambit turned off my electricity. I am an Ambit rep. They did not e-mail me, snail mail me or call my cell number. They called the house once and did not leave a message (agent told me they were not able to leave a message, but it counts as contacting me anyway). My original bill was: $65.39

I was charged:

$15.64 disconnect fee

$41.70 reconnect fee

$125.00 deposit because my electricity had been turned off

$2.50 to talk to a human being and

$2.50 to pay bey credit card, for a TOTAL of:

$252.73 for a $65.37 bill that was not paid because of a theft. I had NEVER missed a payment, I was never LATE with a payment. This was the FIRST and ONLY time the bill was not paid on time. They also know that I am a rep.

RUN as fast as you can to cancel your Ambit account and get another provider before they *** too.

Review about: Ambit Energy Electricity Supply.

Monetary Loss: $250.

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Houston, Texas, United States #606707

Pay your bill and quit blaming others. Loser

to you should pay your bill loser Rochester, New York, United States #840702

This person's debit card was CANCELLED. Did you even read the whole review, or are you just a heartless, greedy ***? I bet you walk by homeless people saying, "Get a job!" You're going to *** in a hand basket, buddy.

Richardson, Texas, United States #600982


Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, United States #600248

Isn't lying fun??We couldn't shut off your service if we wanted to, and it sounds like we would've wanted to.

The only entity that has any control over shutting off your electric other than you is whoever your distributor is. Ambit is a supplier, not a distributor. You should probably figure out where the problem lies before trying to blame someone other than yourself. People who are considering Ambit for a provider, ask a normal customer what they think of us.

Ask someone who is getting their free energy credit every month and pays nothing for energy supply.

Anyone can complain when they don't get their way.WWW.FREEUTILIITES.ORG

to Happy Ambit #616700

Ambit is the supplier and not the distributor!If you really were a consultant you would know how to read your bill!

They have a great reputation.

My family member recommend I give them a try and it has been the best suggestion!Find out who really is taking advantage of you because its surely not Ambit!!!!!!!!@@

to Happy Ambit Greece, New York, United States #840704

Nice going, Stepford Ambit consultant...deflecting the blame away from Ambit. May you experience what this former Ambit rep has gone through.

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