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I was under contract for 7.2 cents a month and elected to let my contract go to variable rate, which per their website says you can save 3% guaranteed (I have screen shots and downloads of this to prove it.). However, my rate jumped to 15.9 cents and hasn't gone down since. When calling to complain about this, I got the line from them that they because I failed to renew my contract that they switched me the variable system, which by everything on their website should be cheap - I have included screenshots and their own documentation. In fact, non of the competitive rates go that high on their website. I've filed complaints with the Utilities Commission and the Attorney General in PA.

If you Google Ambit energy and class action lawsuit, you will see I am not alone in this as.

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Ashburn, Virginia, United States #1270957

I did the same, missed my renewal date, difference it I take responsibility for it and put it on my calendar so it doesn't happen again. Pro and Cons of going into a contract.

My faulty!


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to truth #866151

Did you even look at the screen shots on attached to this post? It says Fixed for 3 months - That looks like a contract.

to Truth Cant Read #871238

The problem with Ambit is that they do not offer a bundled rate and do not inform you that your contract is up to renew and be locked in at a lower rate.

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