I switched to Ambit Energy to save money on my electric bill and to make money promoting it as it is offered through multi level marketing.

I put my residence and numerous investment homes on Ambit plus a boat load of friends and relatives. It cost $350 to become a rep and 1 year later I have not been paid a dime.

Rates jumped 12.9 to 16.9, They cut off my service at home because the pymt was credited (repeatedly) to the wrong account. Food ruined, children were stuck in the cold, pets couldn't be attended to. Their admitted error, so i turned elect. back on myself. I then was fined for meter tampering??? They refuse to re-imburse I, my friends and family have all dropped Ambit.

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The truth of the matter is that some of these so called complaints are coming from States that Ambit does not even service yet.There is NEVER a contract to sign and if you don't pay your bill Ambit does not shut you off it's your incumbant that will.

Most States it's illegal to shut off your power because you are late, they give you fair warnings ahead of time..Ambit is a legitimate company that will guarantee you to save at least 1% every month.

to Don Richardson, Texas, United States #716877

The truth is this complaint above is from Texas, which Ambit Energy does service.There are contracts under Ambit for Texas.

Ambit will disconnect service through their electric supplier, but it is Ambit's call. It isn't illegal for them to cut someone's power in Texas.

They can always say they sent notices or tried to contact you, and you can spend time and much money trying to prove them wrong, or you can move service to another electric company, which I recommend.Unfortunately, corporations have more protections in place than individuals.


Well people most complaints are from people either late or not paying their bills b4 I got on ambit I got my electric turned off by my incumbent company

I had some problems paying my bill ,but it was my own fault . So if i am now with ambit and fall behind I should expect the same , I can't be mad , but,

I am now getting $150.00 credit every month towards my bill cause I have 20 ,I only needed 15 to get my credit , but I got 20 just in case a couple don't pay there bill ,, but that only makes sense to me,

I am finding every thing promised from ambit to be true I have also made back 1,200.00 and if I consider the energy credit of $150.00 per month I am extremely happy ,, swqueen@comcast.net

to Swqueen Greece, New York, United States #840760

Well, your income and energy credits are going to make this customer feel so much better. Hey Ambit zombie - it's not all about you!


Four score and seven mniuets ago, I read a sweet article. Lol thanks


I live in Texas and when they shut my power off it got so hot in the house that the cat melted to the floor, dang what a mess that was. I called them and they said I should have bought a dog...


swith - switchregreat

regereat - regret


Ambit is continuously at the top in MLM. That also means that their consultants have ruined many of their relationships with friends and family that they deceived. When one is fooled and wants their money back, they start deceiving other people too. And this process repeats over and over again. Most of the consultants who does this will never admit it or else they can't scam more people.

It cost more to use Ambit . . . How come? Why? I can't figure out myself and I regreat beleiving my friend who convinced me to swith to their service. For me its nothing more than a scam to deceive consultant that they will be rich and to deceive users that they can save in their utility bills in long term.

Well, if the way to be earn extra dollar is to fool people then go ahead. Karma always happens . . .

to Bridgette El Paso, Texas, United States #716880

bless you, Bridgette! I couldn't have said it better.


i am interested in saving money, as is everyone.i would just like to know who's lying and who's not, about ambit.

i am not interested in the marketing aspect of it, i simply want to pay less for electricity. is there some source for real proven truth about ambit?

/// and by the way....people really need to work on grammar and spelling on these posts.it's hard for me to believe anyones' opinion when their spelling, grammar, and presentation are so poorly written.

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