As an honest person I will first admit that I made the mistake of letting my roommate take over paying all the bills at our house. After having electricity turned off twice and paying over $100 in reconnect fees I've now taken back the responsibility of paying all of our bills.

I noticed about a $100 jump in our electric bill but since it was during the cold month of November I didn't look too much into and instead just cut back in the future.

My original first 5 bills were never more than $120. November it was around $250 then December came in and it was $320. Of course I was shocked and actually had to make arrangements to pay off some then pay the rest at a later date. Before the date came for me to pay the balance a new bill for January came in and it was around $400.

I freaked and started asking other friends about what their bills were and due to their response I started researching my ambit account. Come to find out they were charging me 18.7 cents per kilowatt. Originally I was only paying 7.9 cents and that was the reason my bill was so high. Their response to my questioning the raise in price was BC once the electricity is turned off twice per contract they can raise it to whatever they wanted.

Of course I canceled but how does it make any since to charge reconnection fees plus almost triple my rate? If the small bill wasn't getting paid where is the money for triple the bill going to come from.

They refuse to work with me on lowering the bill and I'm having a really hard time with giving them anymore of my hard earned money. I don't mind paying for the usage but not at the rate I didn't agree upon.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ambit Energy Electricity Supply.

Monetary Loss: $800.

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In Texas, if you are on a fixed plan that is a contract. They will keep your rate locked in at a low rate for that period of time, usually 6 months, 1 year, or 2 years. Now if you don't pay your bill 2 times during that time period, you have breached your side of the contract and your fixed plan is no longer fixed. It is now a variable plan. With a variable plan the rates are usually higher and will change every month.

All electric companies have this same policy in Texas.

My advice, pay your bill on time. Avoid disconnections by calling them and make payment arrangements if you are having trouble. They will work with you. But to not pay your bill at all will only cost you more money and hurt your credit.

to duh #728764

My advice to you, don't use Ambit in Texas!

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