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So I filled out the paper work and paid a deposit in July for a free 2 night 3 day hotel stay in New Orleans. I picked 3 different dates Nov 11, 18, and 19th. It is now Oct 4 and I still had not heard anything so I called in and spoke to a CSR she stated they had emailed me letting me know there were no hotels available for my requested dates. I first thought this was bull *** considering I booked this 3 months ago. So you are telling me in 3... Read more

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I don't have a complaint I actually have a compliment to a sales representative I spoke to over the phone just 3 minutes ago his name is Tyrone goes by Ty he did an awesome job he has an awesome customer service attitude and I totally enjoyed my business with him as a manager myself I complimented him I appreciated him and I thank you having people like that in your corner you will get far in life thank you and I appreciate everything you do... Read more

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I've tried to pay my dam Ambit bill & the system is screwed. How do I pay. I am disabled & rely of the automated system. This gets me quite pssed. Will you erase my bill or what the ***? Reply, *** Ambit. DAMMIT! What the ***? I have to submit a 100 words to this god-dam e-mail? I have already said what I had to say, Dammit! What's this *** about 100 words, for Christ sakes! Twiddle-Dee Twiddle-Dum, Twiddle-Dee Twiddle-Dum, Dam you Ambit, suck... Read more

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Raised my rates to 12 cents a kw hour, claimed i did not re enroll in program. Bill went up to $400 a month! Refuse to give any refund unless I re-enroll and i already switched suppliers. I would like to know who to report them to, a governing body, as what they are doing should not be legal. They are charging me much more than the electric company which charges 9 cents a kw hour. Need to know if anyone else has had same experience with this... Read more

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Ambit is charging more than double electric companies in the area. They claim to be comparable to companies in your area and then send you a check at the end of the year. We have NEVER paid such high bills and when you go to another provider they charge even more. We are paying for all the people in the chain of people working with the person that signed your name to the company. I am sorry that we ever heard of this company and am sorry they... Read more

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Im ready to go to another company, this is a *** company

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Horrible customer service. Clearly provided pymt information from my bank showing payment post date and they say they didn't receive until following morning and turned service off. Then wanted to charge restoral fees and service deposit due to disconnect of 120.00 plus restoral plus some other fee. The supervisor said that if I could get a stmt from my bank showing the posted date of 6/13/16 then she could review acct. I did that but she is... Read more

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I am an Ambit customer in NY and CT and can't wait for them to do business in SC and FL. I have saved a tremendous amount of money and have had no issues. Yes you do have to renew your plan on time or your rates will go up. Also, you have to put gas in your car or you will run out. People need to take some responsibility for themselves. I get an email reminder, my consultant contacts me and i have it set in my calendar. I referred a few freinds... Read more

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I have been a customer and consultant for a little over a year. I followed what they say and pay on time. Our bill is $6.13 for a month and I have earned money. The problem with most people is they always want to re-invent the wheel on how this is set up, or think that this is a dollar lotto ticket. In any legit company you have to do something for a result. Get a consultant who knows what to do and is willing to help you succeed to your goal,... Read more

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I've been an Ambit customer for 5+ years. They are still in their first ten years, and are operating in a bunch of states, so yes, they've had some growing pains. That being said, I've not had issues with them. After several years of being a customer, I got into some casual conversations friends and family and after 15, I now earn free energy each month. Plus, those friends are now saving money with Ambit. Usually 20-30%. A widow on fixed income... Read more

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