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Ambit energy is horrible. This is the first time I have ever been late making a payment. They charge you to make a payment via phone and internet. I made a payment of 60%, am less than a week late and they still plan on shutting my service off before the 10 days. Add comment

Skippy must be a Ambit "consultant" and has lost some of his clients! But he is right, we, as customers are RESPONSIBLE for our business outcomes. I changed my plan in November, it was confirmed by Ambit. I just received my National Grid bill and they (Ambitenergy) STILL MANAGEs TO CHARGE ME 3X WHAT MY NEIGHBOR IS PAYING. So, I just got off the phone with National Grid, changed back to their... Read more

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I received my bill for January for gas supply service last month $105.83 this month $167.45 increase of $41.62 electric saved few dollars My total bill $237.00 $320.69 increase of $183.69 I believe they are cheating customers and there is no cancelling the AMBIT service. It was told to me that I would be saving money...have not kept track of billing until now...dont see any... Read more

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Ambit energy is not a good company to go with to save on your energy. When I was on the savings plan, I do say I did receive checks that reimbursed me the difference from them, that their cost were higher than National grid. But, all of a sudden I realized I was on variable and was told I was emailed the notification. Well... it would have been nice if it was sent to me.....It was actually... Read more

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It was suppose to save me money on my monthly bill and they tripled the price of electricity and I used the same amount of electricity? I heat with a woodstove all winter so how can my bill double? they claimed to have sent me paperwork in the mail, I received no paperwork , so my plan went into a "variable rate "? WHAT were they talking about , come to find out I was suppose to resign every year... Read more

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The consultant was lying telling me that the expedition fee of $36 was included in the first bill but it wasn't. With Reliant, the price per kwh was 14 cents whereas supposibly with Ambit it was 9 cents per kwh, but guess what Ambit's monthly bill was way higher than that of Reliant. I don't recommend Ambit Energy to any new user. Don't waste your money in it because you can read other reviews... Read more

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I am very disappointed that ambit energy agents breech the privacy policy and use customers details for fraudulent activity. Bucky the name of the agent of ambit energy has shared my confidential information with someone else who has contacted me and I will be filing a lawsuit against the company. Add comment

Our contract expired in September. We never received a notice to renew our contract and we have been paying double the rate since were no longer on the guaranteed savings plan. They were unwilling to do anything to correct this other than put us back on the savings plan. We were stuck paying the extraordinary high bills since their system says they sent us a renewal notice. They obviously... Read more

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I with Ambit energy for five years and i have one bad exprience with them and it was on my path. They send me a reminder to renew my contract and i didnt and my rate went up for the month i combine that bill with the previous bill and call customer service they explain it to me that i didnt renew my contract i understant that it was my fault, they told me i can renew for 3 to six months for a... Read more

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So I called today (12-22-15) to get a refund because a payment posted twice.. So the *** I spoke to Latoya said that was my fault n I had to wait 30 days to get my money back, I asked to speak to a supervisor n she refused to let me talk to someone, I asked her at least 3 times n she said no n she was going to hang up on me n I had to call back to speak to one.. Who the *** does that.. I have... Read more

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